Who We Are

Who We Are

Meet Our Founder and CEO – Fifi Matlatse


Hey there!

My name is Refiloe Matlatse but everyone calls me Fifi (I insist that people call me that). I’m the founder and CEO of Fifi M Advisory OÜ. I’ve been in the industry for about six years now, prior to that I was an Information Specialist at a South African University – I know, big change.

I have been working with companies as they design, develop and implement cyber security and data protection strategies. I started my consulting career in South Africa where I worked for one of the Big Four consulting firms. Soon after, I had the opportunity to work in the US. When my time in the US came to an end in November 2019. I had always known my time there wouldn’t be very long due to the type of visa I had. It didn’t make the goodbye any easier.

I had settled and built a life there. I knew I wasn’t ready to go back to SA. I had tasted life overseas and I was not willing to let that go! My US colleagues connected me with their Irish contacts, and I got a job at one of the Big Four consulting companies in Ireland (Hello Europe!!). Prior to starting work in Ireland, I backpacked through Europe for about a month and a half to get a taste of the Continent. After gallivanting around Europe I went home to say my final goodbyes and headed into what I thought would be my home for at least the next five years. Unbeknown to me at the time, it would be a time like no other….Three weeks after landing in Dublin the country went into lockdown. Luckily, I had just managed to find an apartment and get settled. As an introverted and shy person, I was not mad at the lockdown. I could stay home and not explain myself. Seeing colleagues in their living rooms/home offices allowed me to relate to them more easily. I found the Irish people to be so warm, kind, and sincere.

For personal reasons, I decided to resign from the company, leave Ireland, and branch out on my own. This has led to FIFI M ADVISORY OÜ and we are open for business.

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